Necklace Lengths

Choosing the right necklace length

There are many factors which can affect your choice of necklace. These can be the outfit you are wearing, the social setting or activity you are attending and of course your personal style. There are standard sizes for necklaces that can be purchased and this handy guide will give you some tips for choosing the correct one.

Necklace Lengths Sizes

14 Inch - Wraps closely round the neck like a choker

16 Inch - Sits slightly higher on the collarbone at the base of the neckline. A good choice for petite women. On plus size women it may be a little tighter like a choker.

18 Inch - Sits elegantly on the collarbone, a perfect choice for women

20 Inch - Will fall just below the collarbone on most women

22 Inch - Sits just above the bust on most women. Great for longer styles.

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