Pearl Stringing

Our team at Durrants London are experts at repairing old or worn pearl jewellery and can clean and restring your pieces to give them a new lease of life. Get in touch should you need any advice or help.

Caring for your Pearl Jewellery

We highly recommend restringing your pearl jewellery every 12 months to ensure longevity and prolong their life. It will also maintain the integrity of the design, keep them safe and secure and ensure they look their best. Ensure you have good jewellery insurance in place for high value items.

Why you should knot between each pearl:

1. Pearls are very delicate and knotting prevents them from rubbing together and causing damage to the nacre.

2.If your string of pearls deteriorates, frays or snaps then only one of the pearls will fall. This will limit your loss or damage to individual pearls.

3. The piece achieves a lovely flexibility and movement for your pearl string.

Please visit to learn more about Pearl Jewellery care and maintenance.


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